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Multicultural Communities

Judith Cohen "Primavera en Salonica"

The title of this cassette means "Springtime in Salonica", and Judith Cohen has sub-titled it "Songs of the Sephardim and their Neighbours". She is a vigorous and devoted scholar of Sephardic music and has travelled widely in her research activities. She says that she learned the songs on the album from Sephardim in several countries, and from some of their neighbours in both time and space. Selections include traditional songs from the Ashkenazi culture, medieval Spain, Turkey, Slavic countries, and French Canada. Informative and detailed notes describing each selection are included.

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CassetteMC018C$ 12.00$ 14.00

The Doukhobors of British Columbia

The name Doukhobor means spirit wrestlers, which reflects the nature of this relgious sect with Russian origins. This album provides insight into some of the oral traditions that are part of this group which settled in BC. English language translations are provided.

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LPMC008$ 10.00$ 12.00

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band

"Klezmer" is Jewish roots/folk/dance/party music, and it comes from eastern Europe, the Middle East, New York, and ... Toronto. It embodies shades of the synagogue, the circus, New Orleans street bands, and most all, the sounds of celebration. This album contains some fine examples of how rich and exciting the music can be, and it is sure to make you feel like dancing. Selections include Ishai's Freylekh, Araber Tants, Fishelekh in Vasser, Saposhklekh, and 7 others.

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CassetteMC018C$ 12.00$ 14.00
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Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band "Agada"

This album contains a rich variety of traditional Yiddish instrumental music, alternately solemn and meditative, and then jubilant and celebrative. An "agada" is a myth or legend that is used to deliver the truth, and each of the pieces on the album contains its own story, told in a great blend of music, spoken word, and singing. Selections include Cooking Bulgar(s), Aleyn In Veg, Agodot, Yam Lid, Vus Vet Zayn, and eight others.

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CassetteMC013C$ 12.00$ 14.00
CDMC013D$ 19.00$ 21.00


Gerineldo is dedicated to the dissemination of a specific aspect of Sephardic (Jews whose ancestors were expelled from Spain in 1492) heritage; namely, their traditional songs. This collection of traditional Judeo-Spanish songs has been performed by a talented group of Canadian singers who reproduce the singing styles with great care.

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CassetteMC002C$ 12.00$ 14.00

Gerineldo "De Fiestas Y Alegrias"

This fine cassette is a second volume of traditional songs of the Sephardic people.

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CassetteMC001C$ 12.00$ 14.00

Gerineldo "Me Vaya Kappara"

This cassette is the third in a series of albums by a unique group of performers that is dedicated to perpetuating and disseminating the Judeo-Spanish songs and culture of its northern Moroccan heritage. The songs, all from Morocco, are sung in traditional style, either a capella, or with traditional instrumental accompaniment. Excellent notes are also provided.

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CassetteMC009C$ 12.00$ 14.00

Juba "2 Sides of Juba"

The members of Juba come from Edmonton, but most of their music comes from Africa. Apart from some drums and other percussion, it is all a capella, and their harmonies are great. On this album, the first side is all African, while the second side is a mix of old pop tunes and gospel. Selections include Freedom is Coming, Ndiani Na, Sip'Amandla, Besame Mucho, Ride the Chariot, By the Rivers of Babylon, and eight others.

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CassetteMC014C$ 10.00$ 12.00

Juba "Juba This & Juba That"

This second album from Juba continues where the first left off. Their a capella harmonies are better than ever, and apart from a few surprises ("Fever" etc.), the music is all African, with a few African inspired gospel songs thrown in for good measure. Selections include Juba is Coming Now, Hamba Nathi, Asikhatali, Fever, You Send Me, The Kudu Song, and ten others.

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CassetteMC015C$ 10.00$ 12.00

Juba "Mafaro"

This album traces the musical jouney of the group, from the South African freedom songs that first brought them together, to the drumming and group improvisations that mark their latest work. It contains many songs that they learned during a trip to Africa, including Juba Lathu, Tichano Imba, Mafaro, Masambe, Ngeke Ngiye, Zulu Seliyaduma, and twelve others. Extensive liner notes are also included.

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CDMC018D$ 18.00$ 20.00

Oscar Lopez "Hola"

Oscar Lopez came to Canada from Chile and now makes his home in Calgary. He brings to us a virtuoso's command of the guitar (you have to see him play to believe it!) and a classical South American sensitivity to folk music. On this first cassette, he is accompanied by his good friend and an accomplished musician in his own right, Manuel Jara. Selections include Rumba Oscarito, Agua, Chile, a unique and haunting version of El Condor Pasa, and six others.

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CassetteMC010C$ 11.00$ 13.00

Oscar Lopez "Suenos"

Oscar has written all of the songs and music on this, his second album. His improvisations continue to set him apart as a virtuoso guitarist, and he sings with the passions that go back to his roots in Chile. He is ably supported throughout the album by some great Calgary musician friends, and the overall recording quality is excellent. Selections include Cuculina, Vientos de Alberta, Suenos, Canta y Baila, and eight others. English translations are provided for all songs.

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CassetteMC011C$ 11.00$ 13.00
CDMC011D$ 20.00$ 22.00

Mesrob Berejikian "Hov Arek"

This album contains the combined vocal and orchestral interpretation of music by the Armenian writer/composer Gomidas.

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LPMC003$ 11.00$ 13.00

The Original Balkan Jam "Just Off the Boat"

This album contains a collection of the music that Jews celebrate their marriages with, Greek peasants drink and dance to, Gypsies are laid to rest to, and which immigrants from Eastern Europe carried to the New World. All of it is superbly played by this great band.

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CassetteMC006C$ 10.00$ 12.00

The Original Balkan Jam "Red Tape"

Some fine instrumental music from Eastern Europe is found on the latest cassette by this lively and talented group of musicians.

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CassetteMC005C$ 10.00$ 12.00

Themba Tana and African Heritage "Songs and Drumming of Africa"

A selection of music from Africa as performed by Themba Tana, now a resident of Canada. This Vancouver-produced album is remarkable listening.

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CassetteMC007C$ 11.00$ 13.00

Uzume Taiko "Chirashi"

Taiko is a Japanese word that means, literally, "big drum". It was traditionally used for special festivals and religious celebrations, but it has found new popularity as an ensemble instrument. Uzume Taiko is Canada's first professional taiko group and this album is a fine example of the variety of drumming styles that characterize their unique music. Selections include Grace, Spring on a Heavenly Mountain, Sammai, Chirashi, and six others.

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CassetteMC017C$ 12.00$ 14.00