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Music of Native Communities

Various performers "Haida: Indian Music of the Pacific Northwest Coast"

This two album set (collected and recorded by Ida Halpern), features a variety of performances that reflect the diversity of our West Coast Indians. There are selections on Totems and Crests, Potlach, Ceremonies and Everyday Life.

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Various Performers "Indian Music of the Canadian Plains"

This album is based on field tapes, recorded by Ken Peacock, of music of the Cree, Assiniboine, Blood, and Blackfoot tribes. There are several interesting dance songs. Descriptive notes are included.

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Various performers "Kwakuitl: Indian Music of the Pacific Northwest"

This boxed, two album set contains a variety of Northwest coast Indian music that has been collected, recorded and annotated by Ida Halpern. Performed by a variety of artists, this field recording contains a Wolf Cycle, Hamatsa, some dance music and several pieces relating to the potlach.

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Various performers "The Eskimos of Hudson Bay and Alaska"

The album contains field recordings, made by Laura Boulton, from all across the north of this continent. It includes dance songs, hunting songs, game songs, conjurer's songs, animal calls and story songs. A fine sampler of northern traditions.

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Various Performers "Songs and Dances of the Great Lakes Indians"

This album consists of field recordings made by Gertrude Kurath of Ojibwa (Side 1) and Iroquois (Side 2) singers. The songs reflect the seasonal migrations, trade, and raid aspects of these peoples. There are detailed ethnographies and annotations, as well as some music transcriptions.

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