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Written Music and other Books

Leslie Berman and Heather Wood "Grass Roots International Folk Resources Directory"

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BookWB002$ 10.00$ 12.00

"1985-86 Bluegrass Directory: Player's Guide to Bluegrass and Folk Products, Supplies, Services"

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BookWB035$ 10.00$ 12.00

Eric Bogle "The Eric Bogle Songbooks"

Eric Bogle is arguably Australia's best, and best known, contemporary folk song writer, which is not bad for someone who once described himself as "a tubby wee Scotsman with no charisma and a very suspect stage performance". Each book contains the words and music to over 20 of his songs, and both are a "must" for your music library.

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BookWB037$ 8.00$ 10.00
BookWB038$ 10.00$ 12.00

David Campbell "Man of Many Colours"

A collection of 48 songs for voice and guitar (with chord symbols).

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BookWB014$ 12.00$ 14.00

"Canadian Folklore Canadien"

A journal of folktales in Canada.

Vol. 1, Nos. 1 - 2
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BookWB040$ 10.00$ 12.00

Vol. 2, Nos. 1 - 2
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BookWB041$ 10.00$ 12.00

Vol. 3, Nos. 1
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BookWB042$ 10.00$ 12.00

Vol. 4, Nos. 1 - 2
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BookWB043$ 10.00$ 12.00

Vol. 7, Nos. 1 - 2
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BookWB044$ 11.00$ 13.00

Gordie Carnahan "100 Toe Tappin' Tunes for Fiddle"

Gordie Carnahan has been playing the fiddle and writing tunes since 1945. Along the way, he developed his own shorthand method of writing music quickly so that he could remember the new tunes until he had time to write them out properly. It is a method he still uses today. Here is a collection of 100 of his favourites.

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BookWB048$ 10.00$ 12.00

Anselme Chiasson "Toute le Long de ces Cotes"

Chansons folkloriques des Iles de la Madelaine.

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BookWB006$ 12.00$ 14.00

Lucinda Clemens "Listener's Guide to 'Une Chanson de Verite', Folk Songs of the Prairie Metis"

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BookWB023$ 5.00$ 7.00

Bruce Cockburn "All the Diamonds"

A collection of 29 songs and instrumental pieces for guitars written between 1969 and 1979.

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BookWB015$ 16.00$ 18.00

Bruce Cockburn "Rumours of Glory"

Bruce Cockburn continues to hold a special place in the world of comtemporary music as a premiere song writer and guitarist. This second volume contains 25 of his songs that were written between 1980 and 1990.

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BookWB051$ 17.00$ 19.00

Allison Feder and Bernice Schrank "Literature and Folk Culture: Ireland and Newfoundland"

Papers from the 9th Annual Seminar of the Canadian Association for Irish Studies, held at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, February, 1976.

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BookWB032$ 9.00$ 11.00

Edith Fowke "Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods"

A comprehensive collection of songs, many of which have not been published before. Text and music are complemented by detailed documentation and commentary. Available in both softcover (WB028) and hardcover (WB029).

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BookWB028$ 11.00$ 13.00
BookWB029$ 16.00$ 18.00

Edith Fowke "Folktales of French Canada"

French speaking Canadians have a large and interesting heritage of folk tales. In preparing and translating this unique collection of animal tales, jokes and anecdotes, formula tales and legends, Edith Fowke has faithfully preserved the style of the original narrators.

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BookWB046$ 10.00$ 12.00

Edith Fowke "Ring Around the Moon"

Drawn entirely from the oral tradition of North America, this collection of songs ranges from silly to sentimental. Pen and ink drawings by Judith Gwyn Brown and the easy-key melody lines with musical notation complement songs that will brighten any sing-along. Included are some 200 riddles, rhymes, rounds, tongue twisters, animal songs, endless songs, charms, omens, and answer-back songs.

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BookWB047$ 12.00$ 14.00

Edith Fowke and Richard Johnston "Folk Songs of Canada I"

This book is a classic in Canadian folk music. Edited by Edith Fowke and Richard Johnston, it contains a wide-ranging selection of music from our historical past. There are sections containing songs about history, the sea, lumbering, out west, social events, Christmas, love and humour. It compliments the Sullivan recording of the same name and is a must for the bookshelves of anyone interested in Canadian folk song. Available in both Piano/Vocal edition (WB001) and Choral edition (WB003)

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BookWB001$ 12.00$ 14.00
BookWB003$ 11.00$ 13.00

Edith Fowke and Richard Johnston "Folk Songs of Canada II"

This second book was published in 1967 as an addendum to the first volume published in 1954. There is a wide variety of material including sections on old ballads, the Metis, occupations to do with the sea, lumbering, work songs, love, humour and celebrations of local events and institutions. This is a very fine collection, which combined with Volume I, gives an excellent overview of the folk song traditions of Canada. Available in Piano/Vocal edition only.

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BookWB002$ 12.00$ 14.00

Kenneth Goldstein "Canadian Folklore Perspectives"

A collection of four papers, edited by K. Goldstein, which address the relationship of folklore to the search for a Canadian identity.

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BookWB025$ 8.00$ 10.00

Kenneth Goldstein and Neil V. Rosenberg "Folklore Studies in Honour of Herbert Halpert"

A collection of twenty-eight essays on various aspects of folklore.

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BookWB031$ 16.00$ 18.00

Catherine Grant "Touch the Pioneers -- A Tanglefoot Songbook"

A collection of Canadian materials used by Tanglefoot, a group from Peterborough, Ontario who perform in schools. Edited by Catherine Grant, this nicely presented book has sections on Fish Fur and Trees, Welcome to New France, Touch the Pioneers, Mosquitos Mudholes and Rebels, and Cold Comfort. Musical notation, lyrics, chords, some background and interesting graphic support is provided for each of the 17 songs included. There is a mix of original and traditional materials in the book.

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BookWB034$ 10.00$ 12.00

Herbert Halpert "A Folklore Sampler from the Maritimes"

A rich collection of material for the serious student of folklore.

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BookWB024$ 14.00$ 16.00

James S. Hamilton "Sitar Music in Calcutta"

This book reflects the author's deep personal interest in the music, culture, society, religions, and people of India. An accomplished musician himself, he spent nine years living in India learning the music from exponents of the classical tradition.

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BookWB050$ 22.00$ 24.00

Wade Hemsworth "Songs of Wade Hemsworth"

Wade Hemsworth is one of those rare individuals who has assimilated a wide variety of instrumental and vocal styles and influences, and, like only a few others, has combined them in new and highly original ways. His songs are like no one else's, but they are unmistakably Canadian, and speak both of and to everyone in this country. This limited edition book contains words (both English and French versions) and music for all of his songs, plus abundant drawings, notes, and other interesting and useful information.

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BookWB053$ 16.00$ 18.00

Vera Johnson "The Vera Johnson Song Book No. 1"

Words and music for over thirty of Vera Johnson's songs.

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BookWB013$ 9.00$ 11.00

Alice Kane, edited by Edith Fowke "Songs and Sayings of an Ulster Childhood"

This beautifully written book contains a wealth of folklore in the form of ballads, folk songs, music hall and pantomime songs, sea chanties, hymns, nursery rhymes, children's games, riddles, poems, parodies, proverbs, and jokes, all representing the memories of one woman's delightful childhood.

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BookWB052$ 18.00$ 20.00

Genevieve Lehr "Come and I Will Sing You - A Newfoundland Songbook"

A great book that contains the words and music for 120 songs from Newfoundland, both old and new. Available in both softcover (WB019) and hardcover (WB020).

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BookWB019$ 14.00$ 16.00
BookWB020$ 21.00$ 23.00

Roma McMillan "Roma McMillan's Favourite Valley Waltzes"

This book contains 75 waltzes for violin, piano, mandolin and flute chosen from the playing of Roma McMillan, a well-known personality from the Ottawa area.

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BookWB016$ 10.00$ 12.00

Paul Mercer "Newfoundland Songs and Ballads in Print, 1842 - 1974, A Title and First Line Index"

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BookWB022$ 14.00$ 16.00

I. Sheldon Posen "For Singing and Dancing and All Sorts of Fun"

The story of the Ottawa Valley's most famous song, The Chapeau Boys.

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BookWB045$ 15.00$ 17.00

Colin Quigley "Close to the Floor: Folk Dance in Newfoundland"

An ethnography of the dance traditions that have come to be identified as Newfoundland dance.

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BookWB027$ 14.00$ 16.00

Stan Rogers "Songs from Fogarty's Cove"

This beautifully produced book contains transcriptions, lyrics and chords of songs from Stan's first four albums (Fogarty's Cove, Turnaround, Between the Breaks and Northwest Passage). The notations are great and the guitar chords and tips make learning Stan's wonderful songs that much easier.

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BookWB005$ 15.00$ 17.00

Neil V. Rosenberg "Folklore and Oral History"

Papers from the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Aural/Oral History Association at St. Johns, Newfoundland, October, 1975.

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BookWB030$ 8.00$ 10.00

Michael Taft "A Regional Discography of Newfoundland and Labrador, 1904 - 1972"

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BookWB017$ 8.00$ 10.00

Gerald Thomas "Songs Sung by French Newfoundlanders"

A catalogue of the holdings of the Memorial University of Newfoundland folklore and language archives.

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BookWB026$ 8.00$ 10.00

Gerald Thomas "The Tall Tale and Philippe d'Alcripe"

An annotated English translation of a rare and important collection of 16th century French tall tales, including extensive commentary.

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BookWB021$ 11.00$ 13.00

Phil Thomas "Songs of the Pacific Northwest"

This book contains 49 songs from the collection of Phil Thomas. There are chapters on: Pre-Colonial Times, Victoria, Gold Rushes, Confederation, Pioneering, Transportation and various occupations including logging, mining, fishing and ranching. All songs are given rich contextual and historical introductions in this fine book which is a gold mine of BC material. Available in both softcover (WB011) and hardcover (WB012).

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BookWB011$ 18.00$ 20.00
BookWB012$ 20.00$ 22.00

Bill Usher and Linda Page "For What Time I Am in This World: Stories from the Mariposa Folk Festival"

This beautifully produced book is a collection of recollections and photos from Mariposa Folk Festivals. Includes sections on a number of major artists who performed at the event.

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BookWB004$ 10.00$ 12.00