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Until October 22, 1989 the Canadian Society for Musical Traditions was known as the "Canadian Folk Music Society" (CFMS), or in French, "La Societe Canadienne de Musique Folklorique". The CFMS was founded in 1956 as a branch of the International Folk Music Council. In 1957 through the efforts of its distinguished founding president and initiator, Dr. Marius Barbeau, the CFMS became an independent organization. Dr. Barbeau remained President until his death in 1966.

In 1967, the CFMS was incorporated as a federally chartered non-profit organization. In 1988, the French name of the Society was changed to "La Societe Canadienne pour les Traditions Musicales"; in October of 1989, for reasons best known only to those who were voting at the time, the English language version of this name (ie "The Canadian Society of Musical Traditions") was adopted as well. As far as the Mail Order Service is concerned, we are still "The Canadian Folk Music Society" at heart, and we try hard to ensure that our Catalogue reflects this view.

In addition to operating the Mail Order Service, the Society publishes the Canadian Folk Music Bulletin (quarterly) and the Canadian Folk Music Journal (annually). All members of the Society automatically receive both of these publications at no extra charge. All members of the Society are also entitled to receive a copy of the printed Catalogue, upon request, at no additional charge.

If you have not already done so, please consider becoming a Member of the Society. You will be lending your support, not only to our contemporary folk music performers and songwriters, but also to our scholars in their studies and preservation efforts related to this unique part of our Canadian heritage.

Current annual Membership fees are as follows:

Students, seniors, unemployed $ 15.00
Individual $ 20.00
Institutions $ 25.00

Payment can be made by cheque, money order, or VISA. Payment can also be made by VISA using our online order form. Please make cheques or money orders payable to The Canadian Society of Musical Traditions. Membership applications should be sent to:

The Canadian Society of Musical Traditions
Box 65066 North Hill Post Office
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4T6

*PLEASE NOTE: This catalogue is currently being updated

TG Traditional Music - Geographic Samplers
TN Traditional Music of Newfoundland
TM Traditional Music of the Maritimes
TQ Traditional Music of Quebec
TO Traditional Music of Ontario
TW Traditional Music of Western Canada
CA Contemporary Artists and Song Writers
CH Music for Children
FF Music from Folk Festivals and other Venues
MC Music of Multicultural Communities
NC Music of Native Communities
WB Written Music and other Books
Canadian Folk Music Bulletin
Cumulative Table of Contents 1996-97

Geographic Samplers
Music of Newfoundland
Music of the Maritimes
Music of Quebec
Music of Ontario
Music of Western Canada
Contemporary Artists and Song Writers
Music for Children
Music from Folk Festivals and other Venues
Music of Multicultural Communities
Music of Native Communities
Written Music and other Books

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