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Page Index by Title


Across Russia By Stage
Across the Great Divide
After the Tempest
All of the Seasons
All the Best
All the Diamonds
Are We There Yet?
At A High Window


Ballade - Voyage
Ballads of Canada
Banana Split
Bastringue, La
Believing in Better
Best Album in Some Time
Between the Breaks ... Live
Black and White ... and Shades of Grey
Blood on the Saddle
Blue Collar Heroes
Bluegrass Directory, 1985-86
Bombs Over Heaven
Bossin's Generic Tape
Boy That Just Went Wrong, The


Canada: A Land and Its Songs
Canada Folk Bulletin
Canada Is....
Canada's Story in Song
Canadian Folklore Canadien
Canadian Folklore Perspectives
Canadian Folk Music Bulletin
Canadian Folk Music Journal
Cape Breton Piano III
Cape Breton's Master of the Keyboard
Cape Breton Summertime Revue, The 1992
Cariboo Song Rider, The
Cathy Fink and Duck Donald
Celtic Guitar
Chansons d'Acadie
Children's Game Songs of French Canada
Chris Rawlings
Classic John Allan - Vol. 2
Close to the Floor
Colour of Amber, The
Come All Ye
Come and I Will Sing You
Come as a Stranger - Leave as a Friend
Corner Grocery Store, The
Creature in the Classroom, The


Dance and Celebrate
Dance Beneath the Moon
Days of Sun and Wind
De Fiestas Y Alegrias
Double Scotch
Doug McArthur with Garnet Rogers
Doukhobors of British Columbia, The


East Coast Ceilidh
Electric Snowshoe, The
Entertainer at Large
Eric Bogle Songbooks, The
Eskimos of Hudson Bay and Alaska, The
Every Road


Family Album
Fields of Rock and Snow
Figgy Duff
First Time Since August
Flower in the Snow
Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band
Fogarty's Cove
Folklore and Oral History
Folklore Sampler from the Maritimes, A
Folklore Studies in Honour of Herbert Halpert
Folk Music from Nova Scotia
Folk Songs of Canada I
Folk Songs of Canada II
Folk Songs of the Canadian North Woods
Folk Songs of France and French Canada
Folk Songs of Newfoundland
Folk Songs of Ontario
Folksongs of Saskatchewan
Folksongs of the Miramichi
Folktales of French Canada
Footprints on the Moon
For Singing and Dancing and All Sorts of Fun
For the Family
For What I Am in This World
French Canadian Country Dances
French Canadian Dance Music
French Canadian Folk Songs
From Fresh Water


Garnet Rogers
Ghost Parade
Glencoe Hall
Glengarry "77"
Glengarry "82"
Going Bananas
Golden Dawn, The
Golden Mountain
Grain of Salt, A
Grand Illusion, The
Grass Roots International Directory
Great Lobster Boil, The
Great Wave, The
Green Fields of Canada, The


Haida: Indian Music of the Pacific NorthWest
Hand Sown
Hats Off to the Miramichi
High Road to Linton
Home to the Island
House Concert
Hov Arek
Humouring the Tunes


I Just Wanna Be Horizontal
I Love Women Who Laugh
I Used to Play Some Pretty Tough Tunes
Igg's Pig
In the Schoolyard
In The Tradition
Indian Music of the Canadian Plains
Infinite Edge, The
Irish and British Songs from the Ottawa Valley


Juba This & Juba That
Judique on the Floor
Junior Jug Band
Just a Minuet
Just Off the Boat

Keyhole and the Eternal Kiss
Kwakiutl: Indian Music of the Pacific NorthWest


Ladies and Gentlemen
Land of the Silver Birch
Last of the White Pine Loggers, The
Lest We Forget
Letters from the Coast
Letters form the Coast/Sisteron
Lila's Jig
Listener's Guide to 'Une Chanson de Verite', Folk Songs of the Prairie Metis
Literature and Folk Culture: Ireland and Newfoundland
Live ... Arr!
Live at the Lunenburg Folk Festival
Live at Scandalous
Live in'88
Long Cold Winter
Looking Towards Home
Lost Squash Tapes, The
Lullabies and Laughter
Lumbering Songs from the Ontario Shanties
Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods


Making Waves
Man of Many Colours
Marie Hare of Strathdam, New Brunswick
Masters of French Canadian Music
Masters of French Canadian Music: Volume II
Masters of French Canadian Music: Volume III
Masters of French Canadian Music: Volume IV
Me Vaya Kappara
Men of the Deeps, The
Men of the Deeps II, The
Men of the Deeps III, The
Mist Covered Mountains
Moonlight Dancers
Musiciens traditionnels quebecois: Gens de Charlevois, Vol, 1
My Life in Recording Canadian Indian Folklore
My Skies
Mystic of the Baja, The


Newfoundland Songs and Ballads in Print
Newfoundland Songs and Fiddle Music
No Idle Jest
No. 4
Northern Waters
Northwest Passage
Not a Mark in This World
Nouvelle Manigance


O' Canada - A History in Song
Off on a Tangent
Off the Map
Off With the Good St. Nicholas Boat
Old Masters, The
Old Native and Metis Fiddling I
Old Native and Metis Fiddling II
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Old Time Fiddle Tunes
On the Wind and the Sea
One Elephant, Deux Elephants
100 Toe Tappin' Tunes for Fiddle
One, Two, Three, Four, Look Who's Coming Through the Door!
On the Plains
Out to Sea
Outside Track, The
Owen Sound Summerfolk Festival Live (1979)


Paddy Tutty
Parallel Dreams
Past Lives
Pat Paget Project, The
Personal Colours
Pick and Shovel Man/Son of a Pulpwood Cutter
Place of Dreams, A
Plain Country Folk
Prairie Druid
Primavera en Salonica
Prince Edward Isle, Adieu
Prisoner, The
Pub Night - Vol. 1
Purple People Eater


Raking the Coals
Rambling Irishman, The
Raven Bird, The
Red Tape
Reel of Tuloch
Reference List on Canadian Folk Music
Regional Discography of Newfoundland, A
Rick Around the Rock
Ring Around the Moon
Road Not Taken
Road to the Isle
Rolling Waves
Roma McMillan's Favourite Valley Waltzes
Rumours of Glory


Sage Album
Scatter the Ashes
Scotsman in Canada, A
Scottish Fiddle Rally 1988
Scottish Fiddle Rally 1990
Scottish Fiddle Rally 1992
Scottish Violin Music from Cape Breton
Sea-Dog, See Dog
Second Harvest
Shave the Bear
Silver Sea
Simple Joy of Moving
Sitar Music in Calcutta
Small Rebellions
Small Victories
Something to Say
Songs, Fiddle Tunes and a Folktale from Canada
Songs and Ballads of Newfoundland
Songs and Ballads of Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Manitoba
Songs and Dances of the Great Lakes Indians
Songs and Dances of Quebec
Songs and Drumming of Africa
Songs and Sayings of an Ulster Childhood
Songs from Cape Breton Island
Songs from Fogarty's Cove
Songs from the Out-ports of Newfoundland
Songs of Atlantic Canada
Songs of French Canada
Songs of French-Canada
Songs of the Iron Trail: The Canadian Railroad Experience in Song
Songs of the Maritimes
Songs of the Newfoundland Outports
Songs of the Pacific Northwest
Songs of Wade Hemsworth
Songs Sung by French Newfoundlanders
Speaking Softly in the Dark
Stepping Out
Suivant l' Etoile du Nord
Sunsets I've Galloped Into


Tall Tale and Phillip d'Alcripe, The
Tamarack Collection, The
Taste of Atlantic Canada, A
Tempus Fugitive
To Drive the Cold Winter Away
Toe Tappin' Tunes from the Prairies
Touch Me If You Dare
Touch the Pioneers - A Tanglefoot Songbook
Toute le Long de ces Cotes
Towards the Sunset
Train-train de chansons
Trip to Mabou Ridge, A
Turn it Around
Turn of the Wheel, A
2 Sides of Juba


Uncle Mose From Pigeon Inlet


Vera Johnson Song Book No. 1, The
Vive la Rose


Walk That Edge
Weather Out the Storm
Welcome At Your Door, A
Welcome Table, The
Welcome to Your Feet Again
We'll Rant and We'll Roar: Songs of Newfoundland
When Striking a Stone
When the Bay Turns Blue
Who Liveth So Merry
Winter Harp
Winter Moon
Winter's Gone and Past
Wishes, Dreams and Giants
Wood River
World on Fire