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Music from Multicultural Communities

Updated February 13, 2000
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The title of this cassette means "Springtime in Salonica", and Judith Cohen has sub-titled it "Songs
of the Sephardim and their Neighbours". She is a vigorous and devoted scholar of Sephardic music
and has travelled widely in her research activities. She says that she learned the songs on the album
from Sephardim in several countries, and from some of their neighbours in both time and space.
Selections include traditional songs from the Ashkenazi culture, medieval Spain, Turkey, Slavic
countries, and French Canada. Informative and detailed notes describing each selection are included.
Contents: Istemen Babaci g im/ No Quero Madre; C'est dans la Nouvelle France; Santa Maria
Amar; Aber mi Deojde; Minos; "Usk
u dara" Suite; Zolst Azoy Lebn; Primavera en Salónica;
Ya se va el Rabino/ El Doktor, mi Madre; Hermanas Reina y Cautiva; Delbe Delile; Kegn Gold/
Rivkele di Shabesdike; La Vuelta del Marido Suite.
MC018C - $ 14.00

"Klezmer" is Jewish roots/folk/dance/party music, and it comes from Eastern Europe, the
Middle East, New York, and ... Toronto. It embodies shades of the synagogue, the circus,
New Orleans street bands, and most all, the sounds of celebration. This album contains some
fine examples of how rich and exciting the music can be, and it is sure to make you
feel like dancing.
Contents: Ishai's Freylekh; Der Rebbe Elimelekh; Araber Tants; Fun Der Khuppe;
Fishelekh In Vasser; On Sunday the Rabbi Stretched Out; Kandel's Hora; Dance Medley;
Saposhkelekh; Der Yiddisher Soldat In Die Trenches; Alle Brider.

See essay in the Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 4 (Dec. 1993)
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MC012C - $ 14.00 MC012D - $ 21.00

This album contains a rich variety of traditional Yiddish instrumental music, alternately
solemn and meditative, and then jubilant and celebrative. An 'agada' is a myth or legend
that is used to deliver the truth, and each of the pieces on the album contains its own story,
told in a great blend of music, spoken word, and singing.
Contents: Cooking Bulgar(s); Naftule Shpilt Far Dem Rebn; Aleyn In Veg; Bulgar Blues;
Agadot; Feter Elye; High Noon In Volgograd; Spirits; Wiggle Town; Yam Lid; Sumkinda
Hora; Bukoviner Freylekhs; Vus Vet Zayn
See essay in the Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 4 (Dec. 1993)
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MC013C - $ 14.00 MC013D - $ 21.00

"The captivating Indian, Western and African vocals speak of Universal Truths and
Dualities, while ethnic rhythms fill the atmosphere with divine ambience. Traditional tablas,
Latin percussion, drums, guitars, keyboards and natural sounds combine to build a mysterious
atmosphere for inner exploration."
Contents: Breath; Aum; Reality; Farida; Pavuun; Illusions; Raati; Laal Meri; Dance;
Soul Sound; Homeless.
 Cassette  Compact Disc
MC019C - $ 14.00 MC019D - $ 21.00

This fine cassette is a second volume of traditional songs of the Sephardic people.
MC001C - $ 14.00

This cassette is the third in a series of albums by a unique group of performers that is
dedicated to perpetuating and disseminating the Judeo-Spanish songs and culture of its
northern Moroccan heritage. The songs, all from Morocco, are sung in traditional style,
either a cappella, or with traditional instrumental accompaniment. Excellent notes are
also provided.
Contents: Me vaya kappará; La Bolancaniña; Landarico; La doncella guerrera;
Hermana Simha & Jacob y Mazaltov; Don Bueso y su hermana; Repulsa y compasión
& Bernal Francés; La novia del conde de Alba; El rey Fernando en Francia; Mi pi El;
La consagración de Moises; Las coplas de las flores; Tamar y Amnón; Los tres padres
de Israel; Sol la saddika; Ashira keshirat Moshe.

MC009C - $ 14.00

The members of Juba come from Edmonton, but most of their music comes from Africa.
Apart from some drums and other percussion, it is all a cappella, and their harmonies are great.
On this album, the first side is all African, while the second side is a mix of old pop tunes and gospel.
Contents: Freedom Is Coming; Ipharadisi/ Siyahamba; Ndinani Na; Divide and Rule;
Nkos'Usubenam; Siph'Amandla; Mandela/ Nkosi Sikelele; Besame Mucho; Blue Moon;
I'm Blue; Ride the Chariot; When I Die Tomorrow; Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb;
By the Rivers Of Babylon
MC014C - $ 12.00

This album traces the musical journey of the group, from the South African freedom songs
that first brought them together, to the drumming and group improvisations that mark their
latest work. It contains many songs that they learned during a trip to Africa:
Juba Lethu; Tichano Imba; Vakuru Vanoti; Umam'uyajabula; Freedom Is Coming;
Mafaro; Siyaya eJerusalema; Masambe; Langa More; Doumbé; Chogugudza Two;
Mockingbird; New Siyahamba; Mambo Jesu; Ngeke Ngiye; Meva; Demba;
Zulu Seliyaduma
. Extensive liner notes are also included.
 Compact Disc
MC016D - $ 20.00

This album contains a collection of the music that Jews celebrate their marriages with,
Greek peasants drink and dance to, Gypsies are laid to rest to, and which immigrants
from Eastern Europe carried to the New World. All of it is superbly played by this great band.
Contents: Pentazali; Tuik a / Sam Ash Freilach; S etnja; Hypnos #1; Carpathian Medley;
Broad Street Medley; Pargari; Duj Duj; Walachia; Franco Syriani; Franco Stomp.

MC006C - $ 12.00

Some fine instrumental music from Eastern Europe is found on the latest cassette by this lively
and talented group of musicians.
Contents: Grandma's Draidel; Sinefiasmeni Kiriaki; Marion's Concertino; Karsilama;
Ode To Otis; Ciocîrlia; Neo Minore/ Tatavliano Hasapiko; Wonky Honky; Pan Pipe Dream;
Trello Hasapiserviko; Doina.
MC005C - $ 12.00


A selection of music from Africa as performed by Themba Tana, now a resident of Canada.
This Vancouver-produced album is remarkable listening.
Contents: Mambele; Mambo Uripi; Bushman's Bow; Kwa Langa Ku Ya Kwa Kwa;
Gumboot Dance; Pygmies Of the Congo; Lake Tana; Gypsy Tonga; Tribal Woman.

MC007C - $ 13.00

Tzimmes: tsi'-mess - a sweet cooked dish of mixed vegetables and fruits; a mixup.
Here is the enjoyable debut collection of original and traditional songs featuring a
wide range of Jewish music.
Contents: Yossel Yossel; Hashem Yishmorcha; Morenica; Laner Velivsamim; Adio Querida;
Vechitetu; Shein Vi Di Levone; Odessa Bulgarish; Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen; Gib Mir a Heym;
The Book of Life; Adon Olam; Matai Tagia Eit Lashalom.
Lyrics enclosed.
 Cassette  Compact Disc
MC020C - $ 12.00 MC020D - $ 19.00

Continuing their mixed pot of original and traditonal songs and melodies Tzimmes presents
songs that mix Eastern and Western cultures.
Contents: Shabhi Yenushalayim; Debka Hasid; Avre Este Abajour; Yome Yome;
Tres Ermanikas; Oyfn Pripetshik; Russian Sher; Eishet Hayil;Tayere Malkele;
K'heref Ayin; Rahav Hayam; Shuvi Shuvi.
Lyrics enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 29, No. 4 (Dec. 1995)
 Cassette  Compact Disc
MC021C - $ 12.00 MC021D - $ 19.00

Tzimmes: a mixup of cooked vegetables and fruits. This is an enjoyable mixup of songs,
vocals, harmonies, rhythms and melodies drawn from many origins and influences and is
truly a myriad of klezmer.
Contents: Shdemati; Moyshele Mayn Fraynd; Sherele di Greek; Fanfarinette a la
Grecque; Maoz Tsur; Si La Mar; Sunset Doina; Klezmyriad; Always Forgiven;
Avre Tu Puerta Serada; Kvetshing; The Shlump; Dror Yikra; Coda-da-da.
Lyrics in English, Yiddish and Hebrew enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 3 (Sept. 1998)
 Cassette  Compact Disc
MC022C - $ 12.00 MC022D - $ 19.00