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Contemporary Artists and Performers
Updated January 3, 2000
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danielle martineau "Autrement "

Contemporary up-beat songs in French with folk influences. Contents: teleguides; zydeco music; toi t'es pas là; l'eau et le vent; chouchou; montréal cotton blues; en silence; la table des veuves; la montagne coupe; nouveau gouvernement; dure lutte; suit pierre-antoine. Lyrics enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 1 (March 1996)

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CassetteCA238C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA238D$ 22.00 $ 24.00

Cathy Miller "Dance Beneath the Moon"

This album contains a whole new collection of songs written and performed by Cathy Miller. Her songs reflect of her feelings and perspectives about such things as women's issues, aboriginal rights and concerns, and ordinary personal relationships. Selections include Dance Beneath the Moon, Ride the Wind, Desert Dancing, Indian Summer, In a Perfect World, and six others.

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CassetteCA106C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA106D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Cathy Miller "Footprints on the Moon"

This album contains a lot more blues than folk music, but such distinctions often get blurred, and we've included it anyway. Cathy has written most of the songs herself and performs them with an impressive collection of backup musicians. Selections include Last Day of Pompeii, There's No Guarantee, Footprints on the Moon, Living on the Edge, and six others.

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CassetteCA117C$ 11.00 $ 13.00

Cathy Miller "Living for the Stars! "

A nice mixture of sentiments, rhythms, folk and jazz swing styles, with familiar guest performers adding to the songs. Contents: Take A Break From Love; Goodnight Irene; Cumberland; God Bless the Backhoe; Falling For Me; Whirlpool Of Love; My Funny Valentine; Say It Out Loud; Swing Geezers; Star Light; Living For the Stars; A Million Miles Away; Now There Is No Rain. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA237C$ 10.00 $ 12.00
CDCA237D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Mr. Mole "Silver Thin Lines "

Gary Kurtz, Will Mehew and Mary Cole are Mr. Mole. Each contributes lead vocals for this enjoyable mixture of songs. Contents: Fisherman's Lament; Painter's Cry; I Ain't Tired; Old House; Jesus' Basement; Lavender & Prose; Takin' It Easy; Immigrant Bones; Ode To Grandma; Walkin' the Dog; Fighter Pilot's Lament.

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CDCA208D$ 18.00 $ 20.00

M.N.O.P. "The Raven Bird: A Northern Odyssey"

MNOP is an acronym for a group of musicians consisting of Michael Murphy, Brendan Nolan, Gerry O'Neill, and Kenny Pearson. They have collaborated to produce a great album of songs, all written by Michael Murphy, that relate to the Far North, the people who live there, and their customs and beliefs. Nolan and Murphy provide some strong vocals and the group's instrumental work is very good and appropriate for the songs. Selections include Still Blown, Cumberland Ledge, The Water Song, The Raven Bird, Baffin Island Man, and six others. Lyrics are included for all songs.

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CassetteCA123C$ 12.00 $ 14.00

Modabo "Modabo "

The harmonies of this Halifax group weave gently through these original songs written by Darrell Grant. His words are able to express sensitively feelings that many of us have only experienced. Contents: Sargasso; High Time; If It's Not Broken; Hold Tight; On A Bus Growing Crowded; Time To Go; Travellin'; Stop; Brand New Start; My Heart's Arrow; Fire; Early One Morning. Lyrics enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 29, No. 2 (June 1995)

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CassetteCA234C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA234D$ 18.00 $ 20.00

Modabo "The Many and the One "

Another collection of original songs inspired by unusual sources and events. Contents: A Little Too Far; Second Chance; Cakewalk; Echolalia; The King Who Knew Everything; Young, Young Man; Arabella; Love and Sorrow; While the River's Rolling; Boomerang; Take Life Adagio; If You Keep Telling Me Lies; Grace; Simon James; You Do Something To Me; Let's Find A Way. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA235C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA235D$ 18.00 $ 20.00

Linda Morrison "Line By Line"

Original songs from this Ontario performer - serious or light-hearted, Linda has a nice presentation to suit the song. Contents: Send a Sign; I Only Think Of You; World Go Round; Barcelona; Line By line; From This Day On; Left Foot Slide; Poor Highway; Talking Ghost; Let Our Love Bring Out the Best; Room To Move; Till the End Of The World; Eventually. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA283C$ 11.00 $ 13.00

Northern Sons "On Hobo's Wings "

Bluegrass and gospel make a nice mix as these original and older songs display. Contents: Hand Me Down Family Bible; Angel's Song; There'll Be Better Days; Jesus I'll Never Forget; On Hobo's Wings; Hold On To God; Abideth In Me; Live Like Kings; Heaven; Jesus Was A Rebel Soldier.

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CDCA239D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Northern Sons "The Art of Love "

Original songs in bluegrass fashion. Contents: No More Promises; Oh This Morning; There We Were a 'Dancin'; Down To the Spirit's Shore; I'll Break Out Again Tonight; Sally Ann; Treating Me Wrong; The Art of Love; Forty Years; I'll Walk With Him; Dreaming; Heidi Anne.

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CDCA240D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

North of South "The Cochrane Lake Sessions " New Title

Four guys who like to make music ­ especially that of other songwriters. Nice harmonies in the style of the late 50's and 60's + folk ranging from Bob Dylan to Tommy Makem. Contents: Times They Are a Changing; Red Is the Rose; To Morrow; Greenland Whale Fisheries; Field Behind the Plow; A Wandering Star; There's A Meet' Here Tonight; If Tomorrow Wasn't Such a Long Time; The Last Time I Saw Her face; The Circle game; Seven Golden Daffodils; The River.

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CassetteCA253C$ 11.00 $ 13.00

North of South "The Cochrane Lake Sessions Volume 2 " New Title

Relive the sounds of the folk revival of the 60's and 70's with these enjoyable songs and harmonies. Contents: Blue Nose; Back Home Again; Maria; Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream; Follow Me; Will The Circle Be Unbroken; When the Ship Comes In; The Water is Wide; Ellen Smith; 45 Years From Now; We're Only Here For a Little While; Will You Go Lassie Go.

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CassetteCA254C$ 11.00 $ 13.00

Lowry Olafson "Wind and Rain"

Pleasant, easy-listening sensitive songs about love and life. Contents: Sweet and Strong; Words; Someone To Love; Living In the Country; Nova Scotia; Blues Out On the Road; Prodigal Son; Who Will Be the Ones; Wind and Rain; Just Call. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA255C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA255D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Lowry Olafson "Back Again" New Title

Gentle songs that have that personal touch of the songwriter embedded into them. Contents: Back Again; Summer Is Coming; Here To Love; I Wish You Well; February; Tara; Blanket In the Cold; Wake Up Sleepyhead; Fifty Years; Franz'; We Are Each Other. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA264C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA264D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Lowry Olafson "Good Intentions"

Another nice selection of original songs from this B.C. performer. Contents: When the Time is Right; I Wish You Were Here; Change Your Mind; Journey; Ring Telephone; Hiding Behind Your Pride; Good Intentions; One Last Goodnight; Time To Grow; Desperate Wind; After the Rain. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA256C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA256D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Lowry Olafson "Little Mysteries" New Title

Lowry continues to combine fine songwriting skills with pleasant melodies and vocals that result in a mixture of styles and emotions. Contents: Little Mysteries; A Thing Or Two; Sunday Afternoon; One Thin Wire; Always; Let It Begin; Cap Brule; Justify the Love; Scheherazade; Mortar and Stone; Just a Little Bit. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA265C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA265D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

The Paperboys "Late as Usual" New Title

A good strong celtic beat often leads off the original songs on this first CD by this west coast group, but if something quieter is called for, it is there too. Contents: She Said; Cooley's Reel/ Tyrol Mountain Hop; In Love For Now; Boys Of the Mill/ Whiskey In the Tea; January; Come Tella Me; Rocking Chair; Forest of Blue; Indian Summer/ Leaves Are Falling/ Drowsy Maggie; Nowhere But Up; Devil Away.

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CDCA288D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

The Paperboys "Molinos" New Title

A good solid beat, with a nice balance of songs and instrumentals, -- almost how they perform on stage. Contents: Molinos; Salvation; Waste Some Time; I've Just Seen a Face; Same For Everyone; Annabell's Reel/ Theme Time; Crashing Down; While You Were Sleeping/ The Breathing Method/ The Jaunt; After the First Time; Drunken Wagoneer; Pound a Week Rise; Swallow's Tail Jig/ Cabin Ceilidh/ Swallow's Tail Reel; Oh Maria; Ray's Ukranian Wine Cellar Polka/ Nelli's Afterthought. Lyrics enclosed.

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CDCA289D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Jim Payne "State of the Nation "

Show songs from Rising Tide Theatre productions such as, "Revues '89/ '90/ '91"; "Gutted Head On"; "Newfoundlanders Away"; and "Hold Fast". Jim writes a lot of his own material and is one of the mainstays and proponents of the music of Newfoundland. Contents: State of the Nation; Billion Dollar Baby; Ode To the Boys of Mt. Cashel; The Windy Waltz; Christmas In the City; Lukey's Boat; Owed To Newfoundland; Dancing In Dreamland; Toronto Or Bust; A Ship Is Sinking; Much Darker Standing; The Stampin' Ground; I Watch Them Go; When the Dole Stops Coming From Up Yonder.

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CassetteCA171C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA171D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Pied Pumpkin "The Lost Squash Tapes"

Pied Pumpkin was a unique musical group that existed in the mid 1970's. The members of the group were Rick Scott and Joe Mock (later to become the duo known as Pied Pear), and Shari Ulrich, who, like Rick, has since gone on to great things as a solo performer. This album consists of a number of recordings that were not previously released by the group, and in fact, were only "re-discovered" in 1988. Rick Scott wrote most of the songs, and, as one might expect, it is a lively and entertaining album. Selections include Crystal Clog, Mr. Phenny Meets Willie the Worm, Zimbimbidi's Blues, Canafiddle, and six others.

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CassetteCA119C$ 10.00 $ 12.00

Raspberry Jam "Band in the Park "

Enjoyable vocals and harmonies by Farrell Boyce, Penny Boyce, Joanne Dear and George MacDonald. Contents: If I Needed You; Titanic Sails at Dawn; Long Ago, Far Away, Everywhere; Nautical Vacation; Penman's Combinations; Sunday On the St. Clair; Yesterday's Waltz; Rolling Down the Road; Last Snow; Band in the Park; Energy Boogie; Now That the Buffalo's Gone.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 2 (June 1998)

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CassetteCA228C$ 11.00 $ 13.00

Raspberry Jam "Innocent Bystander "

Fresh sounds and nice harmonies. Contents: All Go Home In the Morning; Like a Music Box; Innocent Bystander; Satisfied Mind; Lake of the Cagoma; Sweet Bird of Youth; Westlin Winds; I Wish It Would Rain; Red Squirrel; Log Driver's Waltz; Making Believe; Memory's On Fire; North Star Shoal; The Rider.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 2 (June 1998)

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CassetteCA229C$ 11.00 $ 13.00

Rawlins Cross "A Turn of the Wheel"

This great band from Newfoundland plays a mixture of traditional and new music, Celtic and Celtic sounding, on a variety of traditional and electronic instruments (including trumpet and bagpipes). The quality of both the musicianship and the recording of this cassette is excellent and we think it's a winner. Selections include Wild Rose, A Turn of the Wheel, MacPhersons's Lament, Colleen, and six others.

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CassetteCA095C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA095D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Ian Robb "From Different Angels"

Ian, Friends from Fiddlers Green, and others combine for a fine collection of old and new. Contents: The Santa Fe Trail; Farmer's Boy; The Moving Cloud/Miss Thornton/Skepper Schotish; The Big Hewer; Make and Break Harbour; Ye Mariners All; Garnet's Home-Made Beer; The Last Minute Waltz/Midnight on the Water; A-Roving on a Winter's Night; Green Groves; Charlie Hunter/McGuire's/Cape Breton Dream; The Lag's Song; D-Day Dodgers; They're Taking it Away; Cattle in the Cane/Vladimir's Steamboat; The Mary Ellen Carter. Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol.29, No.3 (Sept. 1995)

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CassetteCA160C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA160D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Robert & Susan "In the Backyard "

Original songs that are more like short stories or vignettes of scenes around the house, family, and neighbourhood. Contents: In My Backyard; Gaia; I'll Remember You; Long Stemmed Rose; Rainbow Flip Flops; Summer Night; Our Little Secret; Old City Blues; Hi Honey, (I'm Home); Blackberry Jam; Firelight; Bedtime.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 1 (March 1997)

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CDCA244D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Garnet Rogers

Wonderful interpretations of some great songs by this highly gifted instrumentalist and singer. Includes some incredible instrumental tracks based on traditional tunes as well as some fine songs (e.g. Thanksgiving Eve, Connie Kaldor's Bird on a Wing and The Final Strawl). The sound quality of this recording is lush ... it's a fine album, both technically and artistically.

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CassetteCA048C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA048D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Garnet Rogers "The Outside Track"

This is Garnet's second album and it features the same high recording quality of the first, and another great collection of songs. Selections include Gypsy Song, a fine rendition of James Keelaghan's ballad Jenny Bryce, American Jerusalem, The Farm Auction, John O'Dreams, and six others.

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CassetteCA049C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA049D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Garnet Rogers "Speaking Softly in the Dark"

Garnet once again shows his talents for both finding good songs and singing them well. On this one, he also plays most of the instrumental acompaniment. Selections include Dear Grand-father, The Sliprails and the Spur, Like a Diamond Ring, Hallelujah!, and others.

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CassetteCA050C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA050D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Garnet Rogers "Small Victories"

On this cassette, Garnet sings a collection of his own songs, most of which he says were written while driving on a throughway in New York state. The overall mood of these songs is reflective, and the accompaniment is simple, but appropriate. Selections include Small Victory, One More Ride, His Father's House, Stars in Their Crown, and six others. Words for all songs are included.

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CassetteCA099C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA099D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Garnet Rogers "At a High Window"

Once again, Garnet has written most of the songs on this, his fifth album. For the most part, they are inspired by the sights, sounds, and people he encounters in his frequent travels. There are some excellent musical arrangments, and Garnet's singing is, as always, unparalleled. Selections include Through the Cracks, Come From the Heart, At a High Window, A Row of Small Trees, and five others. Lyrics are included for all songs.

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CassetteCA128C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA128D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Garnet Rogers "Night Drive"

Contents: Jesus and Elvis; Never So Lonely; Seeds of Hope (The Last March); Roman Coin; Corrinna Corrinna; Love's Been Linked to the Blues; Phone Booth; Colliertown; Golden Fields; Borealis; Night Drive.Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 4 (Dec. 1996)

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CassetteCA209C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA209D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Garnet Rogers with Doug Long "Summer Lightning" "Live"

Contents: Give the Fiddler a Dram; The Beauty Game; This Shirt; What's Wrong With This Picture; Frankie & Johnny; Let Me Count the Ways; Sleeping Buffalo; Sammy's Bar; A Row of Small Trees; the Outside Track; Summer Lightning; The King of Rome; O'Neil's Dream.

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CassetteCA158C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA158D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Stan Rogers "Fogarty's Cove"

This is Stan's first album (released in 1977) and contains songs that are now classics such as Forty-Five Years, Fogarty's Cove, Barrett's Privateers and Make and Break Harbour. Included as well are: Watching the Apples Grow, The Maid on the Shore, Fisherman's Wharf, Giant, The Rawdon Hills, Plenty of Hornpipe, The Wreck of the Athens Queen, and Finch's Complaint.

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CassetteCA051C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA051D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Stan Rogers "Northwest Passage"

This 1980 album shows the impact of Stan's visits to western Canada and includes Northwest Passage, Field Behind the Plow, Night Guard, Working Joe, You Can't Stay Here, The Idiot, Lies, Canol Road, Free in the Harbour, and California.

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CassetteCA052C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA052D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Stan Rogers "Turnaround"

Released in 1978, this second album contains Dark Eyed Molly, Oh No Not I, Second Effort, Bluenose, The Jeannie C, So Blue, Front Runner, Song of the Candle, Try Like the Devil and Turnaround.

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CassetteCA053C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA053D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Stan Rogers "Between the Breaks . . . Live"

This live album contains some great performances. Included are: The Witch of the Westmorland, Barrett's Privateers, First Christmas, The Mary Ellen Carter, The White Collar Hollar, The Flowers of Bermuda, Rolling Down to Old Maui, Harris and the Mare, and Delivery Delayed.

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CassetteCA054C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA054D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Stan Rogers "From Fresh Water"

Released in 1984, after Stan's tragic death, this album contains some songs dealing with various themes from central Canada. The songs are: White Squall, The Nancy, Man With Blue Dolphin, Tiny Fish for Japan, Lock Keeper, Half of a Heart, MacDonnell on the Heights, Flying, The Last Watch, and The House of Orange.

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CassetteCA055C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA055D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Stan Rogers "Home in Halifax"

Many of Stan's finest songs are on this live recording from 1982. Contents: Bluenose; Make & Break Harbour; Field Behind the Plow; Shriner Cows; Night Guard; Morris Dancers; The Idiot; Lies; Free in the Harbour; Workin' Joe; The Legend of Fingal; Giant; 45 Years; The Mary Ellen Carter; Barrett's Privateers; Sailor's Rest. Now available on cassette!
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 1 (March 1994)

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CassetteCA157C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA157D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

The Romaniacs "Ethno-Fusion"

The Romaniacs are popular performers at folk clubs and festivals across the country. They are great musicians with a zany stage presence and a flair for performing music with a distinctively eastern European sound.

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CassetteCA077C$ 12.00 $ 14.00

The Romaniacs "World on Fire"

The tradition of "ethnofusion" continues with this collection by the Romaniacs. It contains some great new material, as well as some familiar old favourites. All, however, carry the distinctive sound that is the trademark of this unique group. Selections include Toronto .. Ma Bella Metropoli, You Belong to Me, Back in the USSR, World on Fire, Alabama Song, and six others.

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CassetteCA108C$ 12.00 $ 14.00

Seanachie "Telling Tales "

Original and traditional songs and tunes from this Calgary group. Each musician is adept at vocals or harmony and a variety of instruments. The highland and smallpipes add to this unique sound. Contents: Mormond Braes; The Hangman and the Papist; You Are My Love; The Jig Set; Keir Hardie; She Moves Through The Fair/ Urge For Going/ Shouting At Magpies; Te Bheag; The Reel Set; The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie; Go To Hell; Do You Remember?; Whiskey In the Jar. Lyrics enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 3 (Sept. 1998)

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CassetteCA231C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA231D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Seanachie "A Quarrel with Whisky "

Another enjoyable mix of traditional and contemporary songs and tunes. Songwriter/ vocalist Gordon McCulloch bases his songs on historical, personal or recent events which complement the more traditional selections. Contents: The Hornpipe Set; The Kingdom to Canmore; Mingulay Boat Song; Faith In Rhetoric; Cattle Raid; The Memphis Set; Johnny Teasie Weasel; Children of the Mist; Dieppe; I'll Meet You There; Leaving the Banks; The Waulking Set. Lyrics enclosed.

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CassetteCA232C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA232D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Mose Scarlett "The Fundamental Things"

The titles speak for themselves but when Mose wraps his rich voice and finger picked guitar around these songs each takes on a new identity. Contents: "The Moon Is A Silver Dollar; Sweet Georgia Brown; A Kiss To Build A Dream On; It's A Sin To Tell A Lie; After You've Gone; Nobody's Sweetheart; As Time Goes By; Nine Pound Hammer; My Walking Stick; The Sheik of Araby; How Long Blues; Big Bad Bill; Miss Otis Regrets; Marie; Hobo's Lullaby. See also: Mose Scarlett "Three By Three".

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CassetteCA218C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA218D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Mose Scarlett , Jackie Washington & Ken Whitely "Three By Three" (Old Friends Meet Again)

A special boxed collection of Mose Scarlett: "The Fundamental Things"; Jackie Washington: "Keeping Out of Mischief" and Ken Whitely: "Acoustic Eclectic". Each selection is also available individually.

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CDCA222D$ 38.00 $ 40.00

Laura Smith "Laura Smith" New Title

Laura presents her own songs her way…"I make up songs for the simple reason that I can't express myself fully any other way". Contents: Bells; Elemental; The Tides After Shiftin'; Faceless Wonder; Jordy; Shorelines; Matt's Tune; So Far From Home; Diggin'; It Works Great On Paper. Lyrics enclosed.

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CDCA294D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Laura Smith "B'tween the Earth and My Soul" New Title

A modern touch of arranging and instruments adds to Laura's presentation of her own songs, including the unique version of 'My Bonny'. Contents: Shade Of Your Love; Four Letter Word (for Lonesome); My Bonny; So Close To My Knees; Two Steps; No Call For Mercy; Divine Air Call; I Go There; Gypsy Dream; Clean Up Your Own Backyard; Whirlaround. Lyrics enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 2 (June 1996)

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CDCA295D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Laura Smith "Ii's a Personal Thing" New Title

Personal songs that only Laura could write and sing. Contents: My Gate's Wide Open; I'm A Beauty; It's A Personal Thing; One Suitcase; Armistice Day; I Didn't Dream; When I Get My Way; For Better Or For Worse; Hanging By A Thread; Yes Harm Done; Tell the Truth; Liquid State; You Know Too. Lyrics enclosed.

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CDCA296D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Stringband "The Old Masters "

The songs and music of Stringband have been such an integral part of the Canadian folk music scene for so long now that it is hard to find someone who hasn't heard at least one of their pieces performed. It has often been said that they helped to define a Canadian musical identity. In 1991, they celebrated their 20th anniversary with a reunion tour that was a resounding success and a special treat for legions of faithful fans. In commemoration of that reunion, they have released this extended cassette which contains many of their most popular and classic songs. Contents: Over the Waterfall; Daddy Was a Ballplayer; Country Music; Did You Hear That They Busted the Fiddle Player?; Hoedown; Mic Mac Song; Dief Will Be the Chief Again; Mrs. Murphy; Le Prisonnier de Londres; Show Us the Length; Second Fiddle Rag; Flying Spring of '44; Un Bon Mouton; Newfoundlanders; The Maple Leaf Dog; Root Like a Rose; The Union Cowboy; The Casca and the Whitehorse Burned Down; The Armadillo; Etre Libre; The Secret of Life According to Satchel Paige; All the Horses Running; Big John McNeil/ Devil's Dream.

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CassetteCA111C$ 14.00 $ 16.00

Tamarack "Fields of Rock and Snow"

Tamarack's songs deal with classic Canadian subjects such as harvest trains, leaving home for other parts of the country, farming in Northern Ontario, and steamships on the Rideau canal. The recording quality on the album is great and the music is highly entertaining. Selections include Harvest Train, The Kitty Friel, Far From Home, Fields of Rock and Snow, Stuart and Lillian, and six others.

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CassetteCA109C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA109D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Tamarack "Frobisher Bay"

Contents: Days Of Sun And Wind; Oh, Klondike; The Hangman's Eyes; Frobisher Bay; Loyal She Remains; The Vacuum Song; Charlie Fox; Pamela; No Herring Left In The Bay; Alaska Highway Driver; Logging Camp Christmas; The Greenland Whale.

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CassetteCA156C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA156D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Tamarack "On The Grand: The Story of A River"

Songs commisssioned by the Elora Festival, to celibrate the naming of the Grand River as a Canadian Heritage River. Contents: Our White Man's World; Pawpine; The Song My Paddle Sings; Lochaber No More/Skirl of the Pipes; The Elora Mill; The Virginia Brand; The Grand River Canal; She Is Fickle; Lancashire Lasses; Brant County Roads; Buried Treasure; Dufferin County; Pioneer Tower Road.

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CassetteCA161C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA161D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Tamarack "Leaving Invernarden"

Contents: Leaving Inverarden; Magdalen McGillivray; The Ironmaster; Maple Syrup; Up on the Verandah; The Banks of the Rocky Saugeen; Tugboat Days; Pride of Muskoka; 'Til the Stopwatch is Gone; A River Runs Through Lytton; Le Sergent; The Queen of Silver Centre; The Huntsville Fire. Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 3-4 (Sept./Dec. 1997)

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CassetteCA175C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA175D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Ian Tamblyn "Through the Years (1976 - 92)"

A collection of songs from seven of Ian's previous recordings. Contents: Ghost Parade; Paris Afternoon; Finding Myself at Your Door; Campfire; Woodsmoke and Oranges; Slate Islands Song; Cold Wind in the Cariboo; North Vancouver Island Song; First Nation; The Declaration of Human Rights; Green and Fireweed; One Horse Town; Turlutte; Love Will Away; 25th Hour of the Day; Scene Through a Mirror.

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CDCA189D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Ian Tamblyn "The Body Needs to Travel"

A collection of songs, most written on Adventure Canada Expeditions, celebrating the people and places "we have had the honour and good fortune to visit". Contents: Old Voice; A Perfect day; The Kitlope; Cookie Rankin in the Purcells; Once Upon a Railroad; Higher Plane; That Boxcar in Algoma; Gather Me Round; Death of an Iceberg; Magdalena; The Emperors; Macdonald at the Bar; Raglan Road; Contemplation on Iona.

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CDCA190D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Tanglefoot "A Grain of Salt"

Some of the songs on this album describe real people, places, and events, and are historically accurate. Others are complete fictions, myths inspired by anecdotes people have related to members of the group, people they have met on the road, and even some half-remembered family stories. Whatever, they are superbly performed, strong in the folk tradition, and are wonderfully entertaining. Selections include Jack the Green, Selkirk Settler's Lullaby, The Floating Bridge of Ennismore, Sullivan's Shivaree, Secord's Warning, and 7 others.

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CassetteCA140C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA140D$ 18.00 $ 20.00

Tanglefoot "Full Throated Abandon" New Title

All new Tanglefoot songs, some inspired by historical events but with that good Tanglefoot feel and sound. Contents: One More Night; Seven A Side; Emmeline; Jenny Wren; Let the Piper Play; McCurdy's Boy; Stubborn Old Heart; The Baldoon Goose; Minnie's Lullaby; Pouring Days; The Angel Of Long Point; The Floating Bridge Of Ennismore; Buxton; Paper Dragon. Lyrics enclosed.

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CDCA297D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Tinderbox "No, Really, Let Go"

Fine contemporary writing and harmonies from this Calgary duo. Contents: Presbyterian Picnic; Bucket of Frogs; Particularly Pointless; Bugcatcher; Pieces of Us; Aphrodisiac Hell; Butterflies; World's Best Tea; Young Mother; Barely; Up Mine; Very Good Sleeper.

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Trilogy "Two Thousand Years of Christmas"

Eileen McGann, Cathy Miller and David K combine for a unique look at the songs of Christmases present and past. Cntents: O Magnum Mysterium; Down In Yon Forest; Gloucester Wassail; Brightest and Best; Coventry Carol; Cherry Tree Carol; Huron Carol; Who's The Fool Now; Dona Nobis Pacem; Light From The Lighthouse; Tonight Is For Christmas; Turn It Around; New Star Shining; Snow Shanty; Christmas In The Trenches; You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch; Rejoice! Rejoice!

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Paddy Tutty "Who Liveth So Merry"

Paddy, who comes from Saskatoon, sings mostly traditional folk songs and ballads from Britain, Ireland, and Canada. She is also an accomplished musician on mountain dulcimer, guitar and fiddle. This album contains a collection of songs that share the common theme of the land - in songs about poverty and the landowner, and in songs about relating to the land as a living thing. Selections include Southwind, The Blind Harper, Black Sarah, Annachie Gordon, and five others.

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