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Contemporary Artists and Performers
Updated January 3, 2000
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UHF are better known individually as Shari Ulrich, Bill Henderson, and Roy Forbes. They all have folk music backgrounds, in spite of having ventured on over other musical horizons. It was a fun album for them to make and although it was supposed to be a one-time affair, they've gotten together often since then for live performances. Its a lively album without fancy frills, but lots of good listenable music. Selections included When I Sing, Keep Lightin' That Fire, Day By Day, One Step Closer to the Light, Wings for the Sky, Do I Love You, and six others.

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CassetteCA148C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA148D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

U H F "U H F II"

Contents: Lifting My Heart; Watching the River Run; Wild One; Don't You Cry; There Must Be Some Way; Changed Forever; Boiling River; Stand; I'm on the Edge; Time Will Take It's Toll; Goodbye; Call Up an old Friend.

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CassetteCA163C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA163D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Shari Ulrich "Every Road"

Shari makes a partial return to her old folk roots with this great album. The songs are all hers, and there are some very powerful lyrics and her fine voice does them more than justice. The accompaniment is more "folk-rock" than "accoustic folk", but the arrangements make it all fit beautifully. The net result is a pleasing, highly entertaining, and memorable album. Selections include Legacies, Someday, House Up On The Hill, It's Not Love, Every Road, and five others.

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CassetteCA151C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA151D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Valdy "Classic Collection"

Valdy is a national treasure and here are his well-known songs from the early years. Contents: Peter & Lou; Rock'n'Roll Song; A Good Song; Dirty Old Man; Yes I Can; The One You Love; Hot Rocks; Simple Life; Leaving Ain't The Only Way To Go; Weather'd Hands; Whirl & Twirl & Swirl; Easy Money; Sonny's Dream; Renaissance; Hometown Band; I'd Rather Be; Landscapes; Chocolate Goodnight.

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CDCA226D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Valdy "Heart at Work"

Contents: When Peace Came to the Valley; Magdelena; Link in a Chain; How Could it be Better; Dreams about You; Atlantic Blue; First Time Around; Runaway; Hey Hey Mama; Double Solitaire; Shining Times; After all.

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CassetteCA166C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA166D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Valdy "Landscapes"

More songs by this fine writer and performer, including Landscapes; Gypsy Ways; Java Jeff; Christian Life; Passin' Through; Trucker's Song; Roads of Anger; Simple Life; Bitter Green; City Musician; Arnold's Cove; Whirl and Twirl and Swirl.

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CassetteCA063C$ 12.00 $ 14.00

Valdy "Passport"

A selection of songs from Valdy's albums. This is a great introduction to and overview of Valdy's recording career and includes Yes I Can, Peter and Lou, Rock and Roll Song, Hometown Band and Hot Rocks.

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CassetteCA062C$ 10.00 $ 12.00

Valdy "Smorgasbard"

An interesting smorgasboard of songs recorded over the last few years and stamped with the inimitable Valdy touch. Contents: Stay For the Fire; Scruffy Dudes; She's In Love With the Boy; Wedding Walt's/ Amore; Roll Man Roll; Hockey Night in Canada; Get a Haircut Dad; Peace of Mind; Double Solitaire; Daddy's Shadow; Speed of the Sound of Loneliness; Silent Passage.

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CDCA214D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Various Artists "Atlantic Decade"

This compilation is in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the East Coast Music Awards. The selections range from traditional, folk, instrumental to contemporary. Contents: The Rankin Family - Orangedale Whistle; Ron Hynes - No Kathleen; Laura Smith - Two Steps; Lennie Gallant - Which Way Does the River Run; Scott MacMillan - Toyota Tailpipe; Terry Kelly - In My Father's House; Great Big Sea - Mari Mac; Richard Wood - Fiddle Fever; Dave MacIsaac - Gaelectric Blues; The Irish Descendants - Raggle Taggle Gypsy; The Barra MacNeils - My Heart's In the Highlands; Rita MacNeil - Shining Strong; Natalie MacMaster - John Campbell's/ Miss Ann Moirs Birthday/ Lady Georgina Campbell/ Angus On the Turnpile/ Sheenan's Reel; John Gracie - Seabird's Cry; Rawlins Cross - Long Night; Brett Ryan - The Answer's Electric; Ashley MacIsaac - Devil In the Kitchen; Sloan - I Can Feel it.

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CassetteCA293C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA293D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Virgo Rising "Voices Entwined"

A live House Concert featuring four female voices from the West Coast which really do entwine on traditional and contemporary songs. Contents: Honey in the Rock; Silken Dreams; Three Fishers; Whale Song; Departure Bay; Valparaiso in a Rowboat; Run Come See Jerusalem; Now is the Cool of the Day; Where the Coho Flash Silver; Work o' the Weavers; Weaving and Quilting; Swimming Song; It's A Rosebud in June; Sister; Bessie; Save a Place.

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CassetteCA206C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA206D$ 20.00 $ 22.00

Bobby Watt "Homeland"

Bobby Watt has made Canada his home since 1975, but his music reflects the character and history (both past and present) of his native Scotland. When you hear him singing, he is unmistakenly Scottish, and can be both rousing and sensitive. He is yet another example of how Canada's culture has been enriched by those who have chosen to live here. Some of the music is new, some of it is old ... all of it is evocative, highly listenable. Selections include Homeland, Black Douglas, The Journey, Lovely Arran Maid, Buffalo Jump, the Flittin' Day, and eight others. Words for all songs are included.

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CassetteCA116C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA116D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Washboard Hank "Donkeys & Tire Fires"

Zany, madcap, irreverent original songs in a variety of styles and topics. Guaranteed to give a few giggles. Contents: Polyester Polly Lit a Fire In My Heart; Stompin Tom for Prime Minister; The Hundred Acre Field; Too Late To Be Sober; Trucker Turn to Jesus; Beautiful Belle of Bailieboro; Honky Tonky Donkey; The Midnight Ride of Red Dog Ray; Seein Double C & W; Turkey in the Straw; Are You Scrubbed?; Do the Prince Charles.

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CDCA213D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

Jackie Washington "Keeping out of Mischief"

One of the set "Three By Three". More folk than jazz but a good old-time folk-swing style with good old-time and newer songs. Contents: At Sundown; Sleepy Time Train; Time Was; Girl of My Dreams; Foolish Questions; I Told You That I loved You; Blue Turning Grey Over You; Drifting; How Much I care; Keeping Out of Mischief Now; I Used To Love You But It's All Over; Should We Try Again; In the Evening; Everybody Will Be Happy Over There; Crosspatch; Old Folks; Winter Weather; Have Me On Your Mind; Take the "A" Train. See also: "Mose Scarlett....Three By Three"

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CassetteCA220C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA220D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Jackie Washington "Midnight Choo Choo"

Some old favourites and others not often heard are given a nice warm folk-swing treatment by Jackie and friends. Contents: When That Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam'; Street of Dreams; Turkish Delight; Neighbours/ Little Dutch Mill; Dinah; Should I; Sugarfoot Rag; Daydreaming; Save the Bones For Henry Jones; Heilan' Lassie; Triscadecaphobia; Dinner For One; Please Keep Me In Your Dreams; I Ain't Got You; You Taught Me To Love; Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go?; Alabamy Bound; The Snake; I Like Pie, I Like Cake.

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CassetteCA224C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA224D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Bobby Watt "C'est Watt"

Contents: Alabaster Lady; Rolling Hills of the Borders; The Cruel Brother; My Love is Like a Red Red Rose; Papillon; Jamie Raeburn; Reflections; Just Another Mile; Every Living Thing; The Gaudie Runs/Welcome Bobby Back/The Watts Return to Otter Creek; Footprints.

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CassetteCA165C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA165D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Nancy White "Gaelic Envy"

No topic or style of music is safe from the clever, witty, wry lyrics from the pen of Nancy White. Gaelic and folk music are just part of these musical parodies. Contents: Gaelic Envy; Bet He Can Tango; Un Peu Cochon; Pierced Matron; Gracias a la Vida; Clapping Song For Grownups; When You Fall In Love Like That; He Wrote Too Many Songs About His Girlfriend; Manly Band; Seamless Dance Of the Zold Folks; Moose On the Highway; A Dream I've Had Of Late; My Life Is Picking Up.

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CDCA298D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Ken Whiteley "Acoustic Eclectic"

Eclectic? Yes from gospel to folk-swing to easy listening to a little zydeco. One of the "Three By Three" CDs. Contents: Let Me Fly; You can Depend On Me; Family Tree; Bright Morning Star; As Nighttime Falls; Hold To God's Unchangin' Hand; Powerful Love; Stardust; Friends and Ancestors; Light of Love; Try To Shine; Don't Burn the Candle at Both Ends; Here With Me; Open Up; My Dear Love; Sing With Me. See also: "Mose Scarlett....Three By Three"

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CassetteCA219C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA219D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

The Whitely Brothers "Bluesology"

An interesting tour through the Eastern U.S. and into Canada looking at the various styles of the blues. Contents: Before This Time; Crazy Blues: M & O Blues; Memphis Jug Blues; When The Train Comes Along; Custard Pie; Got Me Worrying; Feel Like Going Home; Crawdad Hole; In The Night; Sugar Sweet; Sneaking Around; Don't Start Crying Now; We Don't Talk; Wee Wee Baby.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 2 (1994)

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CassetteCA223C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA223D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

The Whitely Brothers "Sixteen Shades of Blue"

The blues? Yes, in many different shades. But none of these original songs by Chris and Ken Whitely would be out of place on a set-list at a folk club. Contents: Stop Running; Tell Me That You've Got the Blues; Friday Night Blues; Mr. Weatherman; Reap What You Sow; Swinging the Blues; We Just Smile; Forgetful baby; Gulf of Tears; I Depend On You Too Much; Time For Moving On; Long Road Up; It's Ecstasy; Come a Little Closer; She Makes Her Own Way; Doing Something Right. Lyrics enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 3/4 (Sept./Dec.1997)

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CassetteCA225C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA225D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Ken Whitely, Jackie Washington & Mose Scarlett "Where Old Friends Meet"

Folk? Swing? How about folk-swing? Contents: A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet; Go Where You Go; I Wish That I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate; Alone In the Dark; I Won't Cry Anymore; It Must Be You; The Three Bears; You Say the Sweetest Things; On The Sunny Side of the Street; Blind Barnabas; I'm So Sad; Fool's Paradise; Makin' Whoopee!; My Very Good Friend the Milkman; I'll See You In My Dreams; We'll Meet Again.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 28, No. 3 (1994)

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CassetteCA221C$ 13.00 $ 15.00
CDCA221D$ 21.00 $ 23.00

Rob Widdowson "Friday Nite" New Title

Folk and country. A nice blend of the two on mainly original songs with pleasant harmonies and backing. Contents: Friday Nite; (I Guess We've) Wanted It That Way; I Turned Away; All I Want; Move It On Over; Father and Son; Still In Love With You; Hey Mister That's Me Up On the Jukebox; Dollywood; The Stuff.

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CassetteCA267C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA267D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

The Wild Colonial Boys "Come as a Stranger -Leave as a Friend"

Fine entertainment and lively performances of some great songs are on this cassette by the popular house band of the Calgary Folk Club. The title song was their entry in Calgary's song contest that preceded the 1988 Winter Olympics. While it didn't win, it's a good song and many thought it should have. Other selections include Mad Jack, Rise Again, St. Annes' Reel, The Dutchman, Four Rode By, and eight others.

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CassetteCA030C$ 11.00 $ 13.00

Wild Colonial Boys "No. 4"

This album comes shortly after the 20th Anniversary of the internationally renouned Calgary Folk Club and its popular house band. All of the selections on it will be familiar to regulars at the club. For others, they clearly demonstrate the wide range of musical tastes and talents of the group. It is a well produced recording with a nicely balanced collection of highly listenable and singable songs. Selections include Four Rode By, Red Dancin' Shoes, Field Behind the Plough, Ed McNally's Ales, Belfast Mill, Waltzing With Bears, and nine others.

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CassetteCA127C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA127D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Wild Colonial Boys "After Hours"

The Wild Colonial Boys have been the house band of the Calgary Folk Club for twenty-seven years (and they still haven't quit their day jobs). That's quite a tradition! Contents: After Hours; Star of the County Down; Jug of Punch; The Wild Colonial Boy; Liverpool Lou; Paddy Lay Back; Red is the Rose; Ragamuffin; Leaving of Liverpool; Bold O'Donoghue; Whiskey in the Jar; Home From The Sea (The Lifeboat); Black Velvet Band; Fogarty's Cove; Juice of the Barley; I'll Tell Me Ma; Fiddler's Green; Rosin The Beau; I'm a Rover.

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CassetteCA174C$ 11.00 $ 13.00
CDCA174D$ 16.00 $ 18.00

Tim Williams "Riverboat Rendevous" New Title

Tim is a fixture on the Calgary music scene. He writes his own blues songs but also sings those of many other singer songwriters. He plays acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin but adds extra musicians and instruments when he feels they're needed. Contents: Riverboat Rendezvous; When I Don't Live With You; Please, Baby; Someday, Baby; 'Fore Day Train; Losing My Race With the Reaper; The Witching Hour Blues; Come On, Boys, And Do That Messin' Round; Breathing In the City; Poor Boy; If I Had Possession Over Judgement day; From Sorrow To Today; No Last Chance; A Two Cat Family; When The Pearly gates Unfold.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 2 (June 1996)

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CDCA249D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Tim Williams "Indigo Incidents" New Title

This collection of blues songs features Tim mainly on his own with slide and acoustic guitars. There's quite a variety of songs here. Contents: Ain't Seen No Whiskey; The Fool You Always Knew; If You Were Mine Tonight; A Lover's Question; He Didn't Quite Make It; Death Ain't Got No Mercy In A Storm; The Buckdancer's Choice; Letting Go Of Love; Everything For Christmas (But a Cure For the Blues); Like A Gambler'd Change His Vest; Somewhere Down Below the Mason Dixon Line; Willie Jean; You Know, Yeah; The Ones Who Made the Blues. Lyrics enclosed.

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CDCA250D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Tim Williams and Big Dave McLean "Fellow Travellers" New Title

Big Dave McLean (slide guitar, harmonica) from Winnipeg and Tim Williams (mandolin, guitar) from Calgary are two stalwarts of the blues and 'fellow travelers' on the same blues path. They do their own vocals but also assist each other. Contents: If I'm Not the One To Love You; Me and the Devil; K.C.Moan; Big Road Blues; Why Do All These Things Happen To Me?; Mud, Rubble and Crying; Hey, Baby; A Perfect Moon; Seemed Like a Dream; Mean Black Spider; How Long, How Long Blues; Mama, 'Tain't Long 'Fore Day. Lyrics enclosed.

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CDCA251D$ 19.00 $ 21.00

Tom Wilson "Another Blue Sky Day"

Contents: Blue Sky Day; Long Gone And Lonesome; The Harvest Dance; I Go Crazy; Rockies In The Rain; Don't Cross That Line; Makin' Some Time For You; As Far As Love Goes; All That's Left (Is The Leavin'); Baby's Big Brown Eyes.

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CassetteCA155C$ 12.00 $ 14.00
CDCA155D$ 17.00 $ 19.00

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