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Baker, Dave
Songs and Sounds Of Canadian Steam
This Land Is What I Am

Ballantyne, Mike
Entertainer At Large
In the Tradition
Pint Pot & Plough(Cassette)

Pint Pot & Plough (Book)


Barron, Rik
Bound for the Ice

Heel to the Toe
Sock full of Songs, A

Bartlett, Jon & Ruebsaat, Rika
Green Fields Of Canada, The

Bénéteau, Marcel
Vielles Chanson Du Détroit: Vol. 1

Vielles Chanson Du Détroit: Vol. 2

Bennet, Willie P.
Heart Strings

Benoit, Emile
Vive La Rose

Berman, Leslie & Wood, Heather
Grass Roots Intl. Folk Resources Directory

Berner, Wendy
Just (?) Desserts and Other Savoury Tales

Best, Anita

Best, Anita & Morgan, Pamela
Colour Of Amber, The

Bishop, Heather

Chickee's On the Run (Cassette)
Chickee's On the Run (Video)
Daydream Me Home
Duck In New York City, A
I Love Women Who Laugh
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Purple People Eater
Taste of the Blues, A
Walk That Edge

Bockner, Rick
Fret Lizards

Trouble With the Moon

Bogle, Eric
Eric Bogle Songbooks, The

Bossin, Bob
Gabriola V0R 1X0

Way We Was, The

Boudreault, Louis
Old Time Fiddler of Chicoutimi, Quebec

Bourque, Bernard, & Lepage

Boyce, Farrell
Whatever Happened To That Golden Glow?

Brakin' Tradition
Music Man

Presence In the Past

Broughton, Simon (et al)
World Music: The Rough Guide

Brown, Alistair
No Idle Jest

Swan Necked Valve, The

Brown, Anne Beverly
Keyhole and the Eternal Kiss

Landlord's Daughter, The

Brown, Rodney
Wishes, Dreams and Giants

Bryant, Wiz
Blue Collar Heroes

Buccaneers, The
Prairie Shanty

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers
Big Tump, The

D'Lard Liftin'
Greatest Misses!
Makin' for the Harbour
Miracle Cure, The
Nods 'n Winks
100% Pure
Pop the Rivets (Cassette, Compact Disc)
Pop the Rivets (Video)
Salt Beef Junkie
Songbook 1
Songbook 2
Up on Bust

Byrne, Pat & Joe; w/ Baxter Wareham
Towards the Sunset