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MacDonald, Ian
Holding Shadows

MacGillivray, Kendra
Clear the Track

MacInnes, Sheldon
Journey In Celtic Music, Cape Breton Style, A

MacIsaac, Dave and MacMillan, Scott
Guitar Souls

MacMaster, Buddy
Glencoe Hall

Judique On the Floor

MacMillan, Jim
Northern Waters

MacMillan, Scott
Minnie Sessions, Volume 1, The

Minnie Sessions, Volume 2, The
Minnie Sessions, Volume 3, The
Scoobie Tunes

MacMillan, Scott and MacIsaac, Dave
Guitar Souls

MacPhee, Cyril
When I Say I Do

Mad Pudding
Bruce's Vegetable Garden

Dirt and Stone
Grand Hotel

Martineau, Danielle

McArthur, Doug
Letters From the Coast / Sisteron

McArthur, Doug & Rogers, Garnet
Doug McArthur with Garnet Rogers

McGann, Eileen

Turn It Around

Atlantic Favourites

McKennitt, Loreena

To Drive the Cold Winter Away

McKhool, Christopher
Earth, Seas and Air

Earth, Seas and Air: An Eco-concert For Kids
Edge Of A Tide

McLachlan, John
Stepping Out

Melhuish, Martin
Oh What a Feeling

Men Of the Deeps
Men Of the Deeps II
Men Of the Deeps III

Mercer, Paul
Newfoundland Songs and Ballads In Print: 1842..

Millar, Will
Celtic Reverie

Miller, Cathy
Dance Beneath the Moon

Footprints On the Moon
Living For the Stars!

Raven Bird: A Northern Odyssey, The

Mitchell, Michael
Canada Is

Lest we Forget

Many And The One, The


Morgan, Pamela
On a Wing and a Prayer

Morrison, Linda
Line By Line

Mr. Mole
Silver Thin Lines