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Scarlett, Mose
Fundamental Things, The

Scarlett, Washington, & Whitely
Three By Three

Scatter the Mud
Never Time to Play

Schryer, Pierre
New Canadian Waltz, The

Schryer, Pierre & Byrne, Dermot
2 Worlds| United

Scott, Rick
Electric Snowshoe, The

Rick Around the Rock

Quarrel With Whisky, A
Telling Tales

Long Haul, The

Sharon, Lois, & Bram
In the Schoolyard

Sidor, Penny
Past Lives

Smith, Christina & Hewson, Jean
Like Ducks


Smith, Laura
B'tween the Earth And My Soul

It's A Personal Thing
Laura Smith

Snotty Var
Snotty Var

Stewart, Jim
Marco Polo Suite, The

Across Russia By Stage

Old Masters, The