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Labbe, Gabriel & Bruneau, Philippe
Masters Of French Canadian Music: Vol. 3

Lacroix, Duguay, Plante & Guilmette
Masters Of French Canadian Music: Vol. 4

Lakusta, Dennis

Run With You

Lamb, Grant
Manitoba Fiddler

Lamond, Mary Jane
Bho Thir Nan Craobh

Suas E!

Lang, Penny
Carry On Children

Penny Lang & Friends Live

Laroche, Gérald

Laskin, Grit
Earthly Concerns

Few Simple Words, A
Lila's Jig

Lawless, Greg
Greggorian Chance

Lederman, Anne
Not A Mark In This World

Come From Every Way

Lehr, Genevieve
Come & I Will Sing You: A Newfoundland Song

Lewis, Tom
Mixed Cargo

Sea-Dog, See Dog
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Singer

Lim, Su-Chong
Golden Mountain

Lopez, Oscar and Keelaghan, James

Losier, Gilles and Ferrel, Frank
Down East, Out West

Luft, Barry
Lean A Little

Luft, Barry & Lyn
Flower In the Snow

House Concert

Luft, Barry & Rogers, Tim
Songs Of the Iron Trail

Luft, Cara
Tragedy Of the Commons

Luft, Toupey
Season With Athena, A

Lyon, George
Blood On the Saddle: Songs Of the Cowboys

Community Music In Alberta