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Ralph, Dorman
Dorman Ralph

Raspberry Jam
Band In the Park

Innocent Bystander

Rawlings, Chris
Rocks and Water

Rawlins Cross
Turn Of the Wheel, A

Reid, Loretto & Tabeny, Brian
Golden Dawn, The

Reid-Naiman, Kathy
More Tickles and Tunes

Say Hello to the Morning
Tickles and Tunes

Roach, Nancy
Double Scotch

Robb, Ian
From Different Angels

Robert & Susan
In the Back Yard

Robichaud, Gerry
Down East Fiddling

Roblin, Andrew & the Pocono Mountain Men
Perilous Pursuit

Rogers, Garnet
At A High Window

Garnet Rogers
Night Drive
Outside Track, The
Small Victories
Speaking Softly In the Dark

Rogers, Garnet & Long, Doug
Summer Lightning

Rogers, Stan
Between the Breaks…Live

Fogarty's Cove
For the Family
From Coffee House to Concert Hall
From Fresh Water
Home In Halifax
Northwest Passage
One Warm Line
Poetic Justice
Songs From Fogarty's Cove


World On Fire

Rosenberg, Neil V.
Folklore & Oral History

Ryan, Denis
Mist Covered Mountains