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Gagne, Soucy & Blanchet
French Canadian Country Dances

Gallaher, Bill
Bill Gallaher Songbook, The

Gallaher, Bill & Galbraith, Jake
Grand Illusion, The

Gallaher, Bill & Harmony Road
Across the Divide

Gallant, Lennie
Believing In Better


Garrett, Bill
Seems To Me

De Fiestas Y Alegrias

Me Vaya Kappara

Goldberg, Eve
Ever Brightening Day

Goldstein, Kenneth
Canadian Folklore Perspectives

Goldstein, Kenneth & Rosenberg, Neil V.
Folklore Studies In Honour Of Herbert Halpert

Gordon, James
More Hometown Tunes

Grant, Catherine
Touch the Pioneers: A Tanglefoot Songbook

Gray, Ann
Shouting At Magpies

Twist In the Tale, A

Guinchard, Rufus
Fathers Of the Newfoundland Fiddle: Vol. 1

Humouring the Tunes

Northern Tracks